Giunko srl

Born as an innovative startup, today Giunko srl is an SME, specialized in the development of cloud-based solutions for the mobile and web world of the cleantech sector.


Giunko was founded by Giacomo Farneti, Todor S. Petkov, Noemi De Santis, Benedetta De Santis (from left to right), later Gianluca Della Campa and Mario Costanzo joined the company.

Giunko designs and develops complex architectures and distributed systems based on cutting-edge technologies aimed at process innovation and the quality of the user experience.

It also aggregates and processes big data to make the most of it in the highly competitive scenarios of the circular economy and digital transformation.


Why choosing us

Back in 2015, Giunko released Junker app, the leading app in Italy for waste disposal information. Free for users, Junker identifies every product from its barcode and explains it to the user: components, materials, destination bins. Such information is always geolocated, thus it varies according to the rules for waste sorting of the municipality in which the user is located. To date,1800 Italian municipalities have adopted the app and 2.5 million citizens have downloaded it on their smartphones.

Giunko works together, on a daily basis, with municipalities, waste disposal companies, national organisations for materials such as CONAI, COREPLA (plastic), COMIECO (paper), CIAL (aluminium), RICREA (steel), ECOLAMP (Weee) e BIOREPAK (bioplastic), so that the information given by the app is always validated.

CONAI Best Practice

EAD has been acknowledged by CONAI (Italian Packaging Consortium) as Best Practice of Environmental Labeling for Digital Channels.


Awards and acknowledgements

EAD was one of the three finalists to the Agenda Digitale Awards 2021.