Pubblicato: 19/12/2022


Combining tools and skills to create an innovative digital label that includes nutritional and disposal information for the wine&spirits sector

The first Digital Label for both nutritional information (mandatory from December 2023) and disposal information (mandatory from January 2023) is now available. Promoted by CEEV (Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins -, spiritsEUROPE (, Federvini ( and UIV (, and released thanks to U-label (for the nutritional information) e Giunko (for the environmental information), it will help companies of the wine&spirits sector become immediately compliant with the new requirements for products’ packaging on the Italian market. The new law requires companies to display information concerning their products about the packaging material and how to dispose of it, in order to help the consumer sort the packaging in the best way possible.


A QR-code on the packaging that links to a webpage containing all kinds of information about the product, much more than what is required by law. The innovation by U-Label and Giunko is exactly this: combining nutritional and disposal information in one single tool. And the information on how to dispose of the packaging is geolocated, which means that it varies according to the place the consumer lives in and thus to the different rules for waste sorting (common scenario in Italy).

Ignacio Sanchez Recarte, CEEV Secretary General: 
“This is an important step in expanding and scaling up our e-label offer.  For the first time, consumers can benefit from an integrated digital labelling solution that provides both information on the nutritional content and ingredients of a product while also giving them tailored information about the recycled content, correct disposal and potential re-use of the packaging materials used.”

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